I think–THINK–I have finally, successfully, uploaded three new books! *curtsey*

However, so far they are only on Amazon. :(

With luck, they may hit other sales channels (bn.com, kobo.com, iTunes) by the end of the year… But I’m not sure.

More later. I have to go to bed! :)

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New cover reveal: The 420 Uh-Oh

UhOhYes, I know. I keep saying more books are coming… And then I tease with yet another cover!

The 420 Uh-Oh is set in 1972. Charlotte, a pretty girl in San Diego, finds herself in deep trouble when her new boyfriend turns out to be a 420 (marijuana) smuggling kingpin. But Regina, a sheriff’s deputy, has fallen for Charlotte. Hard. The story’s funny and sweet.

As usual… yes… those who subscribe to my New Release Notification List will be the first to know when it arrives at Amazon and other e-book retailers near you!

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frenchkiss_2I’m still writing. Here’s an update of my book cover for French Kiss in the meantime. I’m changing the story a bit but the ending stays the same!

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chulaI’m writing! I’m writing! My new books will be hitting the digital bookshelves soon.

I like this book cover. Don’t you? Makes me want to learn Spanish. :) Meanwhile, no distractions for me…

Have a great weekend everybody!

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New cover reveal: Rock City!

rock_city_webAaaaaand, another one. Ya like?

As usual, those who sign up for my New Release Notification List (to the right) will know the second my new books go live!


Spring, 1984. The first ever World Rock City music festival electrifies Daytona Beach.

Local girls Julie Winters and LeeAnn Travis are the sexiest ladies in town. They also detest each other. So when they are thrown together as the two “Official Backstage Bottled Water Attendants” at this, the biggest thing ever to hit Daytona, their cat-sniping threatens to drown out the music.

But they are struck dumb when a tipsy Sheena Easton asks them to make out with each other. Julie and LeeAnn gape: what? They look at each other. Should they? They shrug. Why not.
Soon, Springsteen, John Cougar, and all the girls in Bananarama are seeking out Julie and Leeann, asking for more. Julie and LeeAnn find they are the hottest ticket at the hottest ticket. It’s intoxication galore. But as their make-outs progress… feelings emerge.
Fans of Eighties rock shouldn’t miss this lighthearted satire with leg warmers, MTV, and Aqua-Net.

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Food for thought

NYT_cartoonA thought-provoking New York Times opinion piece by one of the cast of Zena, Warrior Princess (I loved that show!) about sexiness, feminism, and what exploitation means.


My writing’s coming along swimmingly. Back to the keyboard I go…

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New cover reveal: Wipeout

wipeout_webAaaaaaand… (drum roll please) another work-in-progress cover. I like the colors on this one.


Annette, a straight journalist “going undercover” to enter a GBLT surfing competition, gets more than she bargained for when she hires Lisa, a beautiful but suspicious coach.

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