The Beard

The Beard, $2.99

When tall, pretty Kelly interviews at Washington D.C.’s premier LGBT-centric lobbying firm, she claims she has a girlfriend. Nothing could be further from the truth; she’s never even kissed a girl. Kelly’s hired. However, a suspicious co-worker keeps inquiring about her girlfriend. To keep her lies straight, Kelly bases her fictional partner on Anna, an…

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Chilled, $3.99

Polish exchange student Dominika is as academically driven as she is shy. But when the pretty blonde pushes her boundaries and joins the drama club at her all-women’s college, she gets more than she bargained for. Gina is tall, beautiful, the most gifted actress ever to attend the school… and in an unhappy relationship with…

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Big-Boobed Beth

Big-Boobed Beth, $2.99

Beth Collins’ oversized breasts make her the laughingstock of her high school. But when cool, worldly Katie arrives in town, Katie befriends the social outcast. The girls draw closer and closer together… until Beth discovers just how close girlfriends can be. First-time F/F erotic romance. Everyone in this fictional story is 18 or older. Adults…

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Flight, $2.99

Curvy, sexy Margaret has paid the price for her lawyer/MBA job: long hours at her firm, ceaseless travel, loneliness. When she meets sassy stewardess Ricarda, a friendship grows… until Ricarda confesses her sexual attraction. Shocked, Margaret must choose either to end the only meaningful relationship in her life… or to be closer to a woman…

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Happy Hour

Happy Hour, $2.99

Sitting in a Hong Kong bar on a flight layover, beautiful, shy Catherine considers her luck. The buxom American’s boyfriend has dumped her; she has nowhere to stay on this night; and she’s almost broke. But when chic British blonde Belinda introduces herself, Catherine’s comforted. Many drinks later, Catherine finds herself in Belinda’s apartment… and…

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Night Swimming, $3.99

“Am I pronouncing your name correctly? LOW-ron-s?” “Yes, that is right.” So begins the acquaintance of Laurence, a young strawberry blonde temp from France, and heiress Peggy. Peggy discovers to her surprise that she’s attracted to her employee. Their post-work afternoons of sunbathing and drinking by pool at Peggy’s Malibu beachfront home grow longer and…

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