New cover reveal: The 420 Uh-Oh

UhOhYes, I know. I keep saying more books are coming… And then I tease with yet another cover!

The 420 Uh-Oh is set in 1972. Charlotte, a pretty girl in San Diego, finds herself in deep trouble when her new boyfriend turns out to be a 420 (marijuana) smuggling kingpin. But Regina, a sheriff’s deputy, has fallen for Charlotte. Hard. The story’s funny and sweet.

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4 thoughts on “New cover reveal: The 420 Uh-Oh

  1. I just finished and loved “The 420 Uh-Oh.” I am a married mother of two entering my midlife and now realize I have missed so much life has had to offer. I found your stories by a search on Amazon. I love the first time angle because it is very relevant to my situation. It gives me a fantasy. I love the cover also. I sit on the beach with my eyes hidden behind the shield of my sunglasses enjoying the “view” of the beach very often. I am probably not the only “straight” woman who loves your stories. They are erotic and romantic. I look forward to reading more from you.


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